Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rom.14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Wow! It's the middle of July! Where does the time go? Maybe it seems to go so fast when there is a lot going on. This year has been very busy with visitors, teams, and work.

Becky returned the first part of April. Shortly after that, we went to El Progreso with the team from MA. They were here for a week or so.  They were putting in a cement floor and finishing a cement block wall.  They have been involved with this school for about six or seven years. What a great team. It was good to see some old friends again, and to visit with our friends in El Progreso. It was super hot there as always.

Shortly after they left, Jesslyn's family came for a week or so. What a great family. They are so much fun, and they work very hard at our school doing whatever we need them to do. The day that they left, my youngest son and his family came to visit me. Doug came the first year that I was here, but not his family. They were busy going to Amapala and Tegucigalpa while I taught my English classes. They also spent some time visiting my nineth graders. I took a couple of days off, and we went to Punta Sal. They kids swam and snorkled while I enjoyed the beach and visited with the family that takes care of Punta Sal. We also saw a manatee, the first one that our guide had seen there in the three and a half years that he had worked there. It was the first one that I have seen. 

Next came the AG Women's Ministry Group from Carlinville, Il. What a group! Thirty-three women and three men! They did some minstry with our students taking a day for each of the three groups: kindergarten, elementary, and high school. They also provided some health care, not only for our school families, but also the community. What a group. And Gary was the man with the camera. Besides the regular photos, he took a picture of each student, teacher, and class group, and gave each of us a copy. What a blessing for the students and teachers. I gave him the nickname of One More Gary, because after the first picture or two, he would always say one more! He was great. And a really big blessing was a one and only library! With books in Spanish! I put four of our teachers together to come up with rules and consequences for using the library.  They will be sharing these sometime in the next week so we can begin using it. The last week was a vacation for all, so nothing could be done before now. One of the young guys asked that a rule be made that prohibits licking your finger to help turn the pages in the book. What a great rule. Who would have thought of that? Thanks Christian!

So I went to IL during our vacation. It was a desperately needed break for me. Praise the Lord that it truly was a peaceful and blessed time. I refused to think about the school while I was there. I didn't study Spanish or anything elase. I was totally disconnected. I asked the Lord to please let the time move slowly. He answered my prayer. I would look at the clock and think that it must be ten o'clock or later, but PTL, it would only be seven thirty or so. It was wonderful. The only "bad" thing that happened was that my parrot flew away! Penny and I had made him a perch out of branches. He really liked it. He was on the ground picking at stuff in the grass when suddenly he took off! He looked like an airplane taking off. Penny and I couldn't believe. it. He has been outside with his cage opened and never flew away. She has kept him for the last several years since I have been down here.
We have had him for forty years. Parrots live to be eighty to a hundred years old. But one of the pet shop owners told me after I had bought him that he was old when I got him. So who knows how old he was.  Our beautician said that maybe he flew off to die. Whatever the reason, my son-in-law sure worried about him being in the heat, food, and other animals getting him. And my great-granddaughter who will be three next month was out under the trees telling Tombird that she wanted him. So cute.

Yesterday was the meeting with parents. They came te receive their students nine week grades and to discuss several other important things. One being the arrival of their kids on time. When they arrive late they have to return home. If there has been an emergency or  some kind of problem, then they are allowed to stay. But there are some that live close by that choose to arrive late. But since they have been sent home a few times, their behavior has changed somewhat. One parent in particular was basically attacking the grade school principal when she was explaining, again, the situation. He was telling her that we were responsible for the kids arriving on time, etc. I finally stood up and said that it was a school rule, etc. God was always on time and we as a Christian school would be also. I mentioned the fact that one day their kids would have jobs and would have to be respnsible for themselves, etc. I finally said that if they didn't like the rule, there were other schools around. It got very quiet and the subject ended.  The business manager talked to them about their not paying the monthly tuition. The monthly tuition here in this school is very cheap compared to others. If there has been an unavoidable situation in a family, that is always handled in a different and very caring way. But this is not the situation for most.

We are told how humble, quiet, respectful, etc. that Latinos are. Well, I'm sorry, but that is not true here in Honduras. Some are, but not the general population. Nothing is ever their fault, and they have an excuse for everything. One mother told me that the reason that her daughter was late to school was that she had to get up, wash her face, and comb her hair! Really? Doesn't everybody? I get concerned about the condition of their souls. According to my Bible, there is no respect of persons with the Lord. What he requires of one, he requires of all. We are all under the grace of God but we are required to obey him. I don't know of any excuses that he will accept when we stand before him. He doesn't have one rule for Americans and another for Hondurans. Can you tell that I get a little frustrated, but of course, we aren't supposed to say that. Well, at times, Jesus got a little frustrated too, and even angry.  So I' m in good company. But the attitude here concerns me me a lot.

The parents voted to take part in the parade this year, so that means there will be days that some classes won't be given. But this year the whole school will have the same Christian theme. And that will be good.

I hope you are all blessed and growing in the Lord.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gen.1:21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth...and every winged fowl...and God saw that it was good.

Here I am sitting outside the Cesar Mariscos Hotel and Restaurante in Tela, HN enjoying a couple of days with my youngest son and his family who are here in HN on vacation.  I knew that I needed a break, but I never thought that it would  come in this way. God is good and always supplies our needs in ways that we cannot always anticipate. Our heavenly Father is truly above and beyond anything that we can think or do.

So yesterday we went to Punta Sal. It was  my second time to go there. My kids first time.  Punta Sal is a peninsula where no one can live. It is a protected area.  There is a family that takes care of the area and provides food and drink to visitors. It is wonderful to see howler monkeys cavorting in the trees and birds diving for fish.  Pelicans are a sight to behold in their natural habitat. The point is about nine miles from the mainland. The boat ride there and back was great, and we had a great guide that spoke both England and Spanish.

The kids went snorkeling and saw fish and coral.  While we were relaxing on the  beach, I saw something really big under water coming towards the beach. When I asked what it was, my grandson said it was a rock. I told him it  couldn't be because it was moving. Hah! It was a manatee! The guide said it was the first that he had seen one there. Well, everybody got excited and two or three of the Honduran guys went after it. Of course, it just swam away.  So hooray for Grandma!

I don't like to swim, so while they were swimming, I was  walking the beach looking for sea glass. It's pieces of broken glass that have been worn smooth by being in the water for a long time. It's especially difficult to find the green, blue, and amber colored glass.  But on this trip, I found a blue piece and a green piece. Thank you Lord. They are for a missionary in Costa Rica who makes jewelry from them.

So last Wednesday my family visited my classroom and talked with my nineth graders. I have two students that study and really want to learn English. My son used his limited Spanish and did very well. So it was a good experience for all.

Before long we are going to eat breakfast and head back to Valle. I praise the Lord for all that he has done in my life and for my family. What a truly awesome God we serve.

Be blessed.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Well, here we are two months after the start of a new school year.  And what a difference from last year. Thank you Jesus! We have some new teachers and new attitudes from the old teachers. What a wondefrful difference. I wake up wanting to go to school again!

Our school hours have reverted back to 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM for the students and 2:00 PM for teachers. It seems that the parents decided these hours were better for them and their kids. We have also followed the rule that if a child comes after 7:00, he will not be allowed to enter. He is sent home. If they ride a bus and it has trouble, they will be allowed to enter. But the kids that normally arrive late are kids that live close to the school. They really have no excuse. One student's parent came Thursday because his son was sent home more than once. When Rossell and I explained the reasons for the rule etc., he was fine with the situation.  

Honduras has been my home for seven years, and I love it. However, it is a country where the people do what they want and basically when they want. If they are late to catch the bus for school they expect the bus to wait for them not thinking that everyone else will be late also. It's basically, me first.
Church starts at 10:00 and many arrive 15 to 30 minutes later.  When the pastor says that we need to be punctual, it goes over the heads not into the hearts. But thank the Lord this attitude is beginning to change at school even though some parents get angry.  And it amazes me how Hondurans are always rushing. They talk super fast, drive fast, will cut in front of you to do their business, but are never on time. Incredible!

Two of our new teachers are young men, and they have had some English. One of them teaches the 5th grade and comes with his class to me for English. It is so funny to watch him react when I tell the students that you speak English word by word. Spanish, depending on the words, puts two together and they are spoken as one word. And when I say word for word, I'm not talking about our slang where we say watchya doin'? They say where do you live so fast that I always say what did you say. And they repeat it a little slower. Christian, the teacher, laughs behind his hand with a red face because he understands the whole situation. Sometimes I pull him in to help me. And I'm thinking about doing it more so that he can teach them little things when I'm gone with a team or whatever. My vision for this school has been that it will be a bilingual school. I hope that I'm seeing the beginning of it.

Well, I started this a couple of weeks ago, so today I will try to finish it. Language! It can be really funny at times. Last week Jesslyn and I went to one of our favorite restaurants here in Valle. It is owned by an older gentleman named Rueben. He always comes and talks to us. However, he is difficult to understand, more so than most. He doesn't open his mouth very far!! He always asks if we want coffee after we eat, and he never charges us for it. He also sings to us and others at different times. Well, last week as we were leaving, he asked me if I wanted some pollo, which is chicken.  I thought  my goodness, what will I do with a chicken? I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head. Killing it, plucking it, etc. I know how to do all this, thanks to my Grandma.  And then he made the motion of scraping and said salad.  I thought chicken salad? Then I got it! He was talking about cabbage, which is repollo! I hadn't heard the "re" when he spoke. What a deal! So I came home with a nice head of cabbage. We had quite a laugh over that situation! When I told my tutor about it, she laughed because he is difficult to understand even for her.  I told the Lord that He has to help me listen faster!!! It reminded me of the time that I said pescado for pecado. Pescado is fish, and pecado is sin!

This week is semana santa which is Holy Week. No school for one week. Everyone was ready for a break. I'm staying home! I'm going to clean my house from top to bottom, and just take it easy.

Last week we went to the civil marriage ceremony for one of our teachers. I have been to a couple of church weddings but not a civil one. And here you have to married first in a civil ceremony and then the church if you want. It really was nice service. The fellow in charge asked if anyone wanted to pray, and one of the other teachers did so.  A reception followed at one of the restaurants here in town. It was a very nice event. And speaking of marriage.  It's astounding to me that so many people here think that I should get married! Are they out of their minds? I happen to like and enjoy my life, my age, and being single. I  even get quoted Bible verses about being alone and how it's better for two to be together.  Wow! They do not understand that one can be happy without a spouse and can live alone even without another family member living in the same house.  I think it's a tribal mind set!

So now one of my students fron last year is coming to the school to continue his English when I don't have a regular class.  His teacher at his school doesn't know English at all. The kids write in a workbook, but hey can't speak it or understand very much. Praise the Lord that David does.  I try to teach my students everyday language and conversation.  We don't talk in the same manner in which we write. And neither do the Spanish speakers.  A cousin of one of the teachers at the school also comes to me after school hours for the kids at the school. He has spent so much money and many hours in formal classes, but speaking in everyday convsersation is difficult.  He told me that he gets frustrated when Americans don't understand him. Well, bless his heart.  He tries to speak English using the Spanish method which is way too many words,  and way too fast. So, I have been helping him to slow down, and to say each word separately.  And we work on pronunciation.  He told me this week that he feels like he is progressing.  Thank you, Jesus.

Such is my life here in Honduras!  Pastor Dago always asks me when am I going to preach again.  I don't know.

So now, I'm going to eat breakfast and do laundry.  May the Lord bless you all with peace and grace.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Praise report!!!!!

Hallelujah!!! The Lord is moving. We had our first parent meeting today. They were introduced to the new teachers, and the other things that are being put in place. First, the school hours have changed. Instead of 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM, it is now 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Secondly, the first grade has been moved from the grade school to the kindergarten building, and the 6th grade to the Jr. High building. After the meeting, I asked one of the teachers if she had heard any comments. Oh, yes. Parents of the first graders were very happy to have their kids back in the kinder building because of the steps at grade school. The steps are not unifrom. Sometimes you need a short leg and sometimes a long leg! And all were happy about the change in hours. Some of the kids didn't eat breakfast before leaving for school. They live higher up in the mountain, and they would leave their homes around 6, and it would take almost an hour to get to school. That's not good. We do have a snack time at 9:30 or 10, and many of the kids ate their breakfast at that time, but that's a long time for them to wait. So thus far all is well. I praise the Lord for what He is doing. Even the atmosphere in the school has changed. It's calmer and more peaceful. Also this year there are no more than 25 students per class except for a couple of special circumstances. The teachers are happy about that.

We had a situation concerning one student because he came after the class had been filled. The adult in charge went to the district, and we received a letter. And since I'm the Rectora, it was up to me to accept the student or not to accept him. I was not obligated to do so. But the Holy Spirit was saying to accept him, so I did. However, there are stipulations. If the adult does not follow through with the monthly cost, and the student is as rebellious as last year, then he will no longer be a part of our school. The person at the district said he was going to speak with the adult to make sure he understood the terms, etc., etc. And I learned that private schools can choose their students. They do not have to accept all kids as do the public schools. I thought that was interesting. 

So now we just need the Lord to send us two more teachers, and I know He will. I thank all of you that have been praying about this situation. God bless you!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ps.31:3 For thou art my rock and my fortress, therefore for thy name's sake lead me and guide me.

Only another week and a half of vacation! I'm really trying to prepare myself mentally. It isn't going so well! But I'll get there by the 25th.

So on Christmas Eve, I went to my pastor's house. It was a very peaceful and fun time. We ate roasted pork, potato salad, and diferent vegetables. For dessert we had a carrot cake that I had made. I don't know about gifts. I don't know if they had given them before I arrived, or they would do them the next morning, or if they had them at all.  I know there are many here that don't exchande gifts.  Due to money or tradition, I have no clue and didn't ask, but I love being with their family.  Pastor Dago's son and wife were also there. They are expecting their first child. I love to hear Isaac preach! However, he speaks really fast. I've asked the Lord to speed up my hearing and listening skills! I was also there for New Year's Eve. A very blessed time. I came home around 10:00 or so. And at 12:00 midnight the fireworks began. It sounded like the 4th of July in the states. The people do this also at midnight on Christmas Eve. Wow! The Hondurans love to celebrate whatever!!!

Pastor Dago and his oldest daughter speak some English.  And his youngest daughter will be taking classes for English in a couple of months. So between the English that they know, and the Spanish that I know, we do well. He told me one day that I was a Deborah. What an honor.

So before Friday, I want to go talk to the heaad person at the district office here in Valle and get some information on some very important things concerning the school and it's operation and where I stand as the Rectora for the operations inside the school. It's so sad that truth is not a prized value here. You get different information from different people that are supposed to know, I have been told that the man is honorable, and that  he also speaks English from spending some time in England. So that will help tremendously, even though I've written my questions in Spanish. If the people speak a little slower than normal,  I usually understand what is being said, but if they're talking normally, I get the concept but not the total jest of things.  It can be frustrating. And there are some at the school that will change the words when they know that I didn't understand some words that they used.  I praise the Lord for that.  He put me here, and he will help me in all areas where he puts me. He is my help at all times.

So today it is raining again! It ought not be raining so much in January, but it is.  But the Lord knows what he is doing even if we don't.

I pray that all is having a wonderful beginning of another year. God bless you all.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Romans 8:28 And all things work...

At the present I'm in the second week of vacation and finally learning to relax! We finished the year with the kindergarten and nineth grade graduations on the 3rd of December. It was a very nice celebration for the kids and their families. Our kinder class and nineth grade class both sang songs in English. They did very well. One of my nineth grade students welcomed everyone with a message in English and then translated it into Spanish for the parents and others. He did a good job. I will miss him next year. He also received an award for excellence in all his subjects.

I started my Spanish classes this week. My teacher, Silvia, comes to the house three days a week for two hours each. And on Wednesday, I started helping her with her English. She has words and understands some English. It's interesting because she teaches Canadians and Japanese to speak Spanish. And of course, they all speak English! So she definitely needs help. It amazes me to hear teachers tell their students to think in the language that they are learning when most of the time the cannot because they don't have the vocabulary that is needed. I don't do that to my students because I was told to do that. However, when they have sufficient vocabulary and still have troubles, many times I tell them to think in it Spanish and then translate it. And they get it. Language learning is a lifetime endeavor. Sometimes I think the words they use here for some things don't make sense, but when I think about some of our words and the things that we say, they don't make sense either! so it's welcome to language learning.  And then I was told that the Japanese don't have pronouns.  Wow, how do you speak without pronouns? I don't want to know!

So my son that was diagnosed with cancer is in the healing process. His tumor has shrunk 50% and there is no cancer in other parts of his body. I praise the Lord everyday for his complete healing. He does too, and wants to thank everyone for their prayers and to keep them going. PTL!

Other news from my family is that my grandson was not shot and killed by the policeman. An autopsy showed that he died by his own gun. Whether he shot himself on purpose or by accident is not known. The police did not know either. My son and his wife were shown the police videos tht were not shown on the news that showed my grandson pointing his gun at the policeman. The only bullet from the police was in Caleb's shoulder which of course did not cause his death. It is a tragic thing for us that knew Caleb. He, of course, is missed by those that knew him.

So now I'm believing the Lord for a new and complete change in the school for next year. In my twenty plus years of teaching, I have never wanted a year to end as much as this one. There were all kinds of problems: divisions among staff, very little discipline in the classrooms, many days with no classes, too many kids in a class, and more. But at least we are starting with only 25 kids per class. I'm believing the Lord to change attitudes or change the staff. And I don't care which He does as long as He does something to make this school truly a Christian school in values and morals, both in staff and students.  The reputation of the school has fallen this year. Not a good thing. Again, I stand on Romans 8:28.

I will be spending Christmas with my pastor and his family. Here they keep Christmas on the 24th, and most eat their Christmas dinner at midnight. Some familes also go to church at that time.  So I'm excited to see what happens here. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time. And I've been invited by another friend to celebrate New Year's Eve with them. I don't know about that one. I'd rather be in bed!!! And no, it isn't my age! I decided many years ago that January first would happen whether I was up or not, and if it didn't, what difference would it make. So I will see.

I do hope evryone has a blessed time with their family and loved ones. Peace and blessings.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pro.3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Here we are, almost at the end of October. Wow! And this year the kids will finish the school year at the end of October instead of November 15th. They always finished on that date before and the teachers on Nov. 30. And now the district says that the teachers have to go until the end of November. And I'm asking myself the question of what are they suppose to do. Our students have already missed so many class days this year due to district directives. I really don't understand the government's thinking.

Yesterday, Pastor Andy and his wife brought out the Christmas gifts for the kids. We do this at this time since we are not in school in November and December. The kids were thrilled of course. And it was so good to hear some of the little ones say thank you in English. Yay, Jesslyn! 

So now I'm Rectora of the school, which means that I'm over everybody. Did I ever want a position as this? Never!! If I didn't know that the Lord was in me guiding and directing me, there's no way that I would be in this position. I think I know a little bit of how Moses felt!  There are many changes that need to take place in the school. Class size is a biggy.  In the second, third, and fifth grades there are more than 30 in a class. One of those classes has 40.  It's way too many.  So this morning, Don Mario came with his wife to see me.  I haven't seen Doña Doris for three years because she is in the states with kids and new grandchildren and working towards dual citizenship. Anyway, I presented a little of the plan that I believe the Lord gave me, and both of them were very happy with it.  I breathed a sigh of relief and praised the Lord for it.  

I met with a parent that is president of our parents group on Tuesday.  When I asked him to speak slowly, he just smiled at me and did so. I have his daughter in my English class so he knows about me and how I teach. Anyway, our ideas are so much alike. It was amazing. And the parents like me because there is discipline in my room, and that I'm strict when it comes to learning. I tell my students that there's a time to play and a time to learn, and when it's time to learn: it's called work! I have some great students and then some that are not so great. Welcome tto the human race! 

People here want what the U.S. has, but they aren't willing to put forth the effort that it takes to get there. They don't understand how our past generations worked hard and sacrificed much in order to have the country that is called the United States of America today. Some do, but not enough. And I look at our young people in the US., and I think what in the world have we come to. And even people a little younger than me, and I think the same thing. Where are the morals and values that helped build this great nation?

It has rained so much in th last two weeks! We couldn't go to school Thursday because the van couldn't get through the roads.  I called it my Honduran snow day!  They are paving the main road that we take to get to the school, but the road that was made into a detour is horrible, and it definitely wasn't made for two way traffic.  We got stuck in the mud one morrning and a bunch of guys in the back of a pick up stopped to help push us out.   But they couldn't.  Finally one them brought a rope, and another van that was going to the school pulled us out.  We were about a half hour late. What an adventure, Honduran style!  Never a dull moment.  And of course when it rains really hard, we always lose electricity.  So many times this week we have been without it.  Imagine living without electricity!  We do quite often.

I praise the Lord always for my family and friends in the states and here.  They are so precious to me. And this year I'm not planning to go home in December and January.  I want to use that time to up my Spanish especially with this new position.  And it's the only time that I can truly focus on it.  I won't have classes at school or at my house.

I hope this finds all of you following the Lord and being blessed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It is no secret what God can do. Stuart Hamblen

This song came to me this morning when I was thinking about all the things that have happened in the last two weeks. On the first of September, I received a phone call about 3:30 AM from my youngest son in the states. Through tears he told me that his oldest son had been shot by a policeman and had died. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was so unreal and still is. I flew home to be with my son and his family. 
My grandson Caleb was the nicest kid. He would help with whatever when someone needed help. He was extremely intelligent with homework done in a flash. But somewhere a few years ago, he decided to go a different route than the way he had been raised. With tears in his eyes telling his mom and dad that he loved them, he told them he was going to do his drugs and there was nothing that they could do to stop him. They had spent thousands of dollars on counsellors, and even Boys Town in Nebraska for a year and a half, but to no avail. So what happened to this kind, good-looking kid? I don't have the answer. But I know that the Lord does, and I have to trust in His love and mercy. I have hoped that in the few minutes before Caleb died that he called out to the Lord to save him. 

Because it was a cop shooting, the story went national. His druggy friends were saying to riot and burn Wichita. Really? How stupid! As if that is going to bring Caleb back or bring justice? My son spoke off the record to a reporter, who printed some of the things that was said. When the story was printed, things calmed down. My son, who had been in law enforement, said that he would have done the same thing that the policeman had done. Caleb had produced a gun and had pointed it at the officer.  When nothing happened, he chambered another round, and with both hands pointed it at the officer. The rest is history. One relative was so angry with the policeman, saying it was an execution, etc. Really? Someone points a loaded gun at you, are you really going to ask if he is trying to scare you or is he going to shoot you? My grandson wasn't a thug as the term mostly implies, but he was outside the law and suffered the consequences of his decisions. Does his family mourn? Absolutely. But they also have deep compassion for the young man that ended Caleb's life. 

The way our nation has gone makes me so sad. Race tensions have so increased in the last several years. There are those that call themselves Christian leaders who have only encouraged and led dissention among the races. They have not followed in the footsteps of Him who they say they serve. I would not want to be in their place on judgment day. Our country has fallen from the honored place that it once held.  How sad, but God is no respecter of persons or nations. Our nation was founded on Bibilical principles. Our constitution was founded on the same, but our leaders refuse to follow and obey it. When a nation rejects God, God will reject that nation in time. He always sends warnings before judgment, but when the people refuse to hear and change, He does what only a loving God can do.

I know that the Lord will bring some good out of this very sad situation. My Grandma use to say that it is an ill wind that doesn't bring somebody some good. I believe Romans 8:28.

I will miss my grandson when I go to the states, but my greatest memories will be those times that we spent together, watching "scary"movies, eating tuna fish sandwiches by candlelight, and eating spaghetti and cheese.

I thank the Lord for perhaps saving Caleb from something far worse than the tragedy that took his life.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Psalms 91. Count the promises in this Psalm.

So I gave the message to our church board this month and it was on Ps. 91. Always I ask the Lord for the message because I know that I will be held accountable for what I speak.  And He gave me Ps. 91. How appropriate it was.  When the others were talking before the meeting actually begun, the Lord definitely confirmed His message to me.  It seems that Zika is a big scare for many, Christians included.  How sad especially when He hasn't given us the spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind!  There are so many promises in this Psalm.  There are only 16 verses in this Psalm, but there are more than 16 promises. I learned this Ps. when Becky and I went to Belize in 2009, and the lady there had a bot fly larva in her shoulder. I stand on these words.  So I gave the message in Spanish!!! I didn't explain one area very well, so the secretary elaborated on it for me. They received the message well and was reciting some verses along with the reading aloud of it.  It also produced a lot of discussion.  So once again I give thanks to the Lord for all His guidance.

I love Pastor Dago and his wife Martha.  I can discuss anything with them freely.  What a blessing, and we're usually always on the same page.  However, when we have these discussions, he pulls out his phone and says ok, you can preach this Sunday! No!  I need time to get this down in Spanish. When I speak in English, I do not write it out. I only write down what scriptures I'm going to use, and a few key points.  In Spanish, it's totally different.  I have to write it out, and I don't like that because it always changes a little when I speak.  But the Lord always helps me. Bless His holy name.

I had to renew my residency for this year.  Even though the card gives an expiration date, the renewal has to be started at least a month ahead.  So mine ended last December, and I started the process last September.  Well, I still don't have it.  So last Wednesday, I learned that it was ready.  However, Mario had called a person on Tuesday to tell me that it was ready and for me to call him if I wanted his help. Of course I wanted his help.  So I called him on Wednesday and told him that I had just gotten his message.  The person had forgotten to tell me until then.  So he asked about going on the next day which was Thursday, and I told him that I would take the bus to Tegus and he could pick me up at the bus stop.  He said ok, and all was well.  So we got to the immigration place, and we learned that they had sent a message to my attorney on June 6th that my residency was ready. He never told Mario anything. I had 30 days to come get it or I would have to pay a fine of over $150.  We were flabbergasted!  So the young lady counted the days, and we were on the 30th day!  Oh, dear Lord! So after the days had been counted again, I was ready to have my picture, and finger prints taken again. So we are going the 27th to actually pick up my new card. This was one time that I was actually glad that they don't count the weekends. Now, it's kind of funny because when the first lady started counting, I was praying, and I know that Mario was too.  And then when she told us that all was well, we both started praising the Lord.  How the Lord moves on our behalf always.  I am so thankful that I know the Lord, and that we have a relationship that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Things at the school are still pretty rough.  I know that the Lord has a plan, and I have to rest in that. So however, He plans to move, so be it.

Be blessed.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rom.4:3...Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him fpr righteousness.

So what is happening here? A lot. Some super good, others not so good. Life, yes? So the good first. God is always faithful and has a plan for each of us.  Sometimes we understand what He is doing, and other times, it's by faith that we stand firm on His word.

I was asked to be on the Pastor's board of our small church. Of course, I said yes.  We meet once a month and discuss whatever is on the Pastor's mind and ours.  He always wants our opinions and thoughts. It's very refreshing to go to a meeting and know that the decisions have not already been made by others before the meeting.  And now I have to prepare a short message for our next meeting. I really want to do it in Spanish even though the pastor or our secretary could translate for me.  So we will see what happens.

I also preached about three weeks ago.  It was on the works of Abraham.  What were his works?  In a nutshell, he believed God's word and acted upon it. He is called the Father of the faithful.  So if we are one of the faithful, then we should also believe God's word and do what he tells us.  Faith and obedience.  God appeared to Abraham, so Abraham knew him and his voice.  When the three men appeared, he knew one was the Lord and the other two were angels. Jesus said his sheep would know his voice and another they would not follow. Abraham knew God's voice. When he was told to sacrifice Isaac, He never hesitated. He knew the promise that the Lord had given him concerning Isaac. That promise couldn't be fulfilled if Isaac was dead. He also knew that if he did kill Isaac, the Lord would resurrect him (Heb.11). He also knew that the Lord was different from the gods that the people around him served. They offered their babies/children to their idols. God never requires such a sacrifice.  He knew God would supply a sacrifice.  Jesus said that if we loved our son, daughter, etc. more than  him, then we weren't worthy of him.  Abraham loved the Lord more than he loved Isaac. Can we say that?  And then there are those that know what God requires of them, but they are like Jonah.  They choose to go their own way.  I believe that there are may in the belly of the fish today, slippin' and slidin' around not realizing that if Jonah had not come to himself, repented, and prayed, he would have died there as food for the fish. And then there is Jeroboam, the one who made Israel sin. He did not believe the words that God spoke to him about ruling Israel, hence always behind his name are the words, he who made Israel to sin.  What a horrible legacy.  Which one of these are we? I pray that we are like Abraham and his son Isaac who believed and had faith not only in his father but also in the God that his father believed and served.  

Two weeks ago today, our church went to Cantarranas for a baptism.  There were five this time. Thank you Lord!  After we were on the bus and ready to go, my pastor comes by and says to me that he wants my help.  Doing what?  Helping him baptize!  Yay!  my heart's desire. I have always wanted to do this.  Baptisms are so beautiful.  So I did. What a blessing.  So I had no other clothes to change into, since Pastor didn't tell me until we were on the bus and ready to leave, but the sun dried them on me  and all was well.

Ah! An earthquake tremor about 9:30 PM night before last. I was in bed and it started rocking. I'm thinking ok, here we go.  A few seconds and it was over.  I learned a long time ago that if God doesn't protect you, then nothing or no one else can do it. So, peace.

So now the not so good. Our school is really going through some things that I know our Lord is not pleased with.  There needs to be some serious changes. I pray and believe that the Lord will move quickly.  And it's something that I don't feel needs to be discussed.  Just pray for the Lord's will be done.

God bless you all.