Saturday, June 30, 2018

It has been a while since I have written on my blog. So today I want to write about a few things that the Lord has done and is doing in my life.

My term as a career missionary associate with AG will end on July 31 of this year.  So I will retire at that time. Some of you know about it already. So how did this come about?  I had been asking the Lord if it was time to retire again. And an event came about which led me to make this decision.  However, before it happened, I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my upper arms every day.   I knew it wasn't my heart. One night after going to bed, I asked the Lord what was causing it. He told me it was stress. For many days, I woke up with the dread of going to the school. I didn't want to go out there any more.  My plan was to finish teaching there until the last of July.  However, it happened the first part of May. It was much quicker than I had planned. I  still teach the students that come to my house and have even added a couple. When the Lord moves, sometimes it's very quickly. And this was very fast. It even surprised me. But what peace it has brought to me. Do I know everything that He is doing? No. But I have to follow His leading even when I don't understand everything. At this time the plan is to stay here for another year or two in order to finish a couple of personal projects. 

The Lord told me that I needed to rest.  Wow! How do I do that?  I asked him that everyday. If you grow up in the USA and in the church, you have to be busy all the time. You are pushed always to be working. Don't be lazy! Well, it has taken me a long time to calm down and rest: my mind, my body, my soul. I do work, but I'm not on the treadmill, any more. All the pain has gone from my arms-Thank you Lord. I actually have time to think. Lord what do you want me to do today? What do you want me to know about you today? Who do you want me to bless?  (And that blessing is not always in dollars)!

There's a lady that goes to the church that I used to go to here in Valle, and she now comes to my house on Wednesday mornings. We talk about the Lord and share different things about him and what he has done in our lives, etc.  It's so amazing. I hadn't seen her in ages, and one morning going to Tegus, she down next to me on the bus. We instantly started talking. Her English is good, but she wants to learn more. So here we are! She only had a Book of Psalms, and the New Testament that was given to her long ago. I had an extra bilingual Bible and had been praying to whom do I give it. The Lord led me to give it to her. Oh, my! How thrilled she was. Not only a Bible with the Old and New Testaments, but also bilingual! How good God is. He knows when, where, who, how, and why about everything. What a gracious God we serve. And it amazes me how many people there are that think that we don't need to know the OT. How ignorant are those that teach this to new converts. I don't think the Lord is too happy about that. He wants us to know it all. How do we know about Abraham, David, Moses, Samuel, and all the prophets without the OT?  Crazy.

I was supposed to go to San Pedro Sula this week but it was cancelled because  the secretary was sick. I guess now that it will be the second week in July. Mario has asked me to help our teachers with their English programs.  So that will be a different and new job for me. So there will be some traveling to the hot zones :( And they are HOT! But I have many friends in those areas, and there is air conditioning in the schools. So it will be well. And it will keep me involved with everybody.

So that's it for now. I hope you are all blessed and following the Lord.
Grace and peace to all!

Monday, April 30, 2018

1 Thes. 5:18 In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Wow! What an amazing adventure I have had.  On March 17, my house was broken into while I was at my church board meeting.   The first hint that something was amiss was when I opened my gate and saw my other gate keys laying on the sidewalk. I thought that maybe they had dropped out of my pocket, and then I thought nope, that couldn't be because I don't carry them with me. And when I came to my front door, it was wide open.  Oh, wow!  My TV, DVD player and computer were gone.  My dresser drawers were open with clothes hanging out. Stuff was scattered on my kitchen floor.  They had searched through purses and different bags. The mattresses were not square with the beds because they had looked under them.  So they took money, of course, my alarm clock-like they're ever on time!-camera, winter coat that I wear to go to states at the end of the year, 2 cell phones and other minor stuff. And to kick it all off, they took my KFC from my freezer!!!! They didn't however take my credit/bank cards or my passport. In fact, all my papers were laid out in an orderly fashion on my bed.  So I went to my pastor's house and his wife called the police. Pastor was at the church. So the police came and picked us up.  They came to the house and then we went to the police station where we made out a report.  Then Freddy, the officer, told me that I needed to go to Tegus to the DPI, our FBI, and file a report.  I had 24 hours to do it. So Becky and I went the next day on Sunday.  I made the report and they told me they would be at my house at 2:30.  So we came back and waited for them. So around 3:30, they arrived.  Oh boy, what a mess. The fingerprint dust that they use is black, and it has taken me this long to finally get rid of it all. It's horrible stuff. Anyway, they dusted for fingerprints and took pictures. Whoever the thieves were had used some kind of acrylic to try to write 13 on my dresser mirror. The 3 wasn't as clear as the 1. But they dropped some on my dresser naturally, and it doesn't come off except with the finish too.  I guess it'll serve as a reminder as if I need one. 

On the 17th, as soon as Pastor heard about the situation, he called my landlord who was waiting here at the house when the police brought me home. Carlos and his wife are precious people, and I'm thankful that they are my landlords. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he opened this house up for me. He wanted to know if I was scared, and Pastor asked me if I wanted someone to stay with me. I said no to both. It's interesting because that Saturday morning, I was unsettled  on the inside and couldn't figure out what was wrong, and the Lord didn't tell me anything. But when I arrived home and saw what had happened, I had perfect peace. Definitely interesting, huh?  So now, I have razor wire on top of the wall that surrounds my house. My landlord joked with me about being inside a prison. I said, yep, that's what it is.  And again he asked me if I was afraid. No, I'm not. You see, I have the Lion of Judah with me at all times.  And some will say, ya but they stole your stuff, and see that's where they get it wrong. It's not my stuff.  It's the Lord's.  Ps.24:1.  We only have what we have because God gave it to us.  The thieves didn't want me, just my belongings.  I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. 

And then to top everything off, I had no way of calling my youngest son to tell him because my phone is connected to my cable and it doesn't have long distance. So between Becky and Pastor Andy, I was able to communicate with him. He's my lifesaver when it comes to techie stuff. So, ok, I need a computer. My connection to the outside world, and for somebody that doesn't like them, I sure  was thankful when Becky brought my new to me after more than a month.  Oh my, no music, no Skype, no mail, absolutely nothing.  But then I see the Lord's hand in all of this, too. Because He knew that Becky would be in the states during the time that Doug was setting up a new computer for me and that she could bring it back! However, after 4 or 5 days of the theft, she brought me her old TV that is 27 years old! Hey, it works. Not a lot of channels, but it has one that I always watch, so all is well. It has a video player, but all my movies now are DVD's :(  So the Lord does all things well even during times like this. I'm so glad that He not only is my god, but He's also my Father, and He takes good care of me.

So the morning after the robbery, I was sitting on my sofa, and the verse that says give thanks in all things came to mind. And as I thought about it, I gave thanks to the Lord that the thieves didn't destroy the things in my house or the property. They didn't tear up anything or break anything. And they didn't steal my furniture or my movies. They didn't take my jewelry and there was a really nice watch that they laid on top of the pile of earrings instead of taking it.  So I praise the Lord for all. You see I know that nothing can happen to me without his express permission-remember Job? And He always has a purpose for everything even if we don't know what it is.

Hah! But the really good thing that has happened is that all the police know who I am. And to me, that's a good thing. I get big smiles and how are you and is everything ok, etc., when I see them. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I getting ready to walk home from the grocery store when I saw them parked in their truck on the other side of the road. The driver hollered and asked if I wanted a ride.  I said seriously and he said yes. So they brought me and my groceries home. I didn't know any of them! And when they left, they said they were here to serve which is written on the sides of their vehicles. Funny!! And yesterday, I was sitting on my front porch when I saw the top of their truck above my wall, and they had stopped. I went to open the gate to see what was going on. And here stands this policeman with this great big grin. He asked if I was alright and if everything else was ok. I told him yes. So he told me they were after some druggies-marijuana-mostly. he was there for what seemed forever, and I asked him if he wanted to come in and look around, but he said no. And then he informs me that they drive by during the night to check and see if I'm alright since I live alone.  What a surprise and a nice thing to know. I know that my age also has something to do with it, because when Freddy, at the police station, asked me for my age, he was surprised when I told him 73.  And most Hondurans have respect for older people. In fact, if they do some small thing for you at the store or wherever, they will call you Madre-Mother. It's a sign of respect. 

It's interesting how differently people think. Pastor and one of the teachers told me that I needed to move. I said no.  And why? Everybody in Valle knows who I am and where I live. If I moved they would know it before I did!  And the Lord hasn't told me to move.  I like this little house. And by the way, before I forget it, while the fellows were installing the razor wire, Marcio, who goes to our church, introduced me to  a fellow that is now cutting my grass. Man, he not only cuts it, but rakes and bags it! He's an older fellow and quite interesting to talk to, and said that I could teach him English. I said not on Saturday or Sunday, but I think I'll make an exception for him.  He and his family live up on the mountain. 

So with all the stuff, can you see the blessings? My Grandma use to say that it's an ill wind that doesn't do somebody some good.  We must always look for the good in whatever God allows to come into our lives.  

Grace and peace.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ps. 22:2 Thou hast given him his heart's desire and hast not withholden the request of his lips.

Here we are in the middle of March!  Can you believe it?  Soon nine week exams will be here.  I'm not ready and neither are my students.  So we must get busy.

We take the ninth graders somewhere every year as a graduation present, more or less. The one stipulation is that they have to pass all their classes, not just English.  We try to do it in Nov. and at the latest the beginning of Dec.  We didn't get to do it last year because of all the political violence that was taking place, and Becky was still in the states.  We did, however, get to go the middle of February. We went to Tela and stayed in a hotel on the beach.  The first time that most of them had seen the ocean.  The boys had a blast in it.  One teacher was afraid that if she went in, the tide would carry her out to sea.  When I explained about rip tides, etc., she decided to go in.  And she really enjoyed it.  The girls were just standing on the beach when I went up behind one, grabbed her around the waist and went into the water. It was so funny! She thought that she had been had by I don't know what. So then all the girls went in.  It was fun just to watch them.  

We took them to Punta Sal which is a peninsula and is protected by the government.  The kids saw howler monkeys and the pelicans, etc.  We ate there on the beach.  They ordered fish and you should have seen their eyes when they got theirs.  The fish was a little longer than their dinner plate! Eyes and all!  They drank coconut milk out of the coconut, and then used a little piece of the shell to eat the coconut meat.  The boat ride there and back was wild.  The water was rough. Lots of little white caps everywhere.  It was like 20-30 minutes there and back. I'm thankful that nobody was seasick.  On the way home we went into the caves at Talulabe.  It has quite a history. I would have to look up the info to get the story straight, but evidently a bank robber from the states used the caves to hide in.  Of course, he was eventually caught and returned the the U.S.  But those kids were out of there in a flash leaving me and another teacher behind.  I think they were a little scared.

I have three "preaching" events coming up.  One for the students, one for the teachers, and one for my church.  So I must fet busy writing.  I have to write it all out in Spanish, and that takes some time.

Last week I asked the 8th grade class to conjugate a verb in Spanish, and they couldn't do it. The verb means to have in English. They can do it in English.  The next day, the 7th graders had a spelling test on the days of the week in English and Spanish. Most could not.  I could have cried.  The Spanish here is not so good.  I want them to have some good Spanish Language books.  I talked to one  father that's in the parent Group.  Kind of like PTA.  I told him that I would help pay for them but that I couldn't do it all. Books are expensive here just like in the states.  He said that he would talk to them to see what they could or wanted to do.  I'm just believing the Lord for them.  They also need spelling books in the worst way.  So I'm waiting.

Now I have to share something really funny. A week or so ago, I was sitting on my porch and  I thought, Lord I need an animal to come in here and eat the grass. You know, a horse or cow.  My "grass" is crabgrass and weeds.  A week ago Saturday, I went to open both my gates just to be able to sit and look outside my walls.  When I opened the big gate, there stood a horse!! He took one step and was in my yard.  He immediately started eating.  I was absolutely amazed. How awesome is my heavenly Father!  I just watched in amazement.  And I started laughing.  Our Father has a sense of humor!  The horse was there for quite a while and would have stayed longer except a man on another went by, and my grass cutting horse went after them.  And we think sometimes that the Lord isn't watching us and listening to us.  Oh yes he is, all the time.

So with that, I'm off of here in order to get some things ready for tomorrow.

Peace and grace.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Ps.139:17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them.

Yay! I'm home! And after nine years, Honduras is my home. I have lived many places during my life time, and I had never felt homesick until I came to HN.  In fact I never had experienced the feeling until I came here.  I love my family, but HN is my home until the Lord changes it, of course.  And I really like my new house. In fact, while I was gone, the grass really grew. It may only be crabgrass, but at least it's green, and my yard is not bare dirt anymore!

While I was home, I visited my family and many friends.  I was able to speak to Martha Cicle on Saturday and to my church, Covenant Assembly, on Sunday.  I was blessed as were they.  The weather was awfully cold.  Brrrrr!  I don't like cold weather at all.  Of course, my son says that I live in Paradise.  Ha, Honduras is far from Paradise, but he is talking about the weather.  And when I arrived here on the 30th, the weather was good, but it has been very chilly and rainy since then :(  But this morning the sun is shinning. Thank you, Lord :)

Arrangements had been made for Pastor Andy to pick me up from the airport and take me to the bus stop to catch a bus to Valle.  He had other committments that prevented him from taking me all the way home. Normally, I like to ride the bus to and from Valle to Tegucigalpa. However this time, I was a little concerned because I was carrying my computer and more money than normal.  And to be honest there has never been a problem on the buses that I normally use.  But when you see someone with a small suitcase, you know that they've been travelling, and they probably have a little money, and whatever else. Of course, I had been praying about the safety of it, etc. But have I not learned that the Lord always has everything concerning me in his hands, and on his mind?  I am never away from him.  And guess what he had already prepared for me?  It's absolutely breath taking.  While I waited at the gate in Houston for my flight, there appeared a young married missioary couple that live here in Valle! I met David and Sarah probably the first year that I was here. However, they weren't married yet. He is from the states, a son of missionaries, and she is from Honduras.  When we got off the plane, David asked me how I was going to get home. I told him, and he said no. He didn't like the idea of me going on the bus. So he told me to go with him and Sarah in his truck.  And I did. What a plan that the Lord had.  He absolutely takes care of me.  I didn't know that David and his wife would be at the airport. We don't see each other often because they are busy with the work that God has given them to do, and me with mine.  But what an awesome God we serve. 

The public schools started yesterday, but we don't start until the 12th.  I was happy to hear that because it gives me more time to prepare. I'm believing that the Lord will move in a mighty way this year so that we will be the school that he would have us to be.  

So now, it's time to go buy groceries and then cut the grass in the back yard.

Grace and peace.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ps: 37: 23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

This has been the best vacation ever!  I was sooo tired at the end of November that I just wanted the world to go away.  In fact, by the middle of November, I was done mentally, physically, and emotionally. Since I moved on the 11th of November, I only spent a couple of days at school for the remaining two weeks. And those were weeks for the teachers to finish all the necessary reporting of things to the district, etc.  My stuff was already completed.

It took a good 2-3 weeks for me not to feel guilty for only doing what I wanted to do!  What did I do?  I took my time putting my house in order. I usually walked to town or at least to the grocery store everyday or two depending on the weather or how the lazy body was feeling! I paid two guys to clear and level off my back yard. I cut my grass (crabgrass) with my weedeater, etc. My friend, Martha came and planted some flowers and a very small mango tree.  And wouldn't you know, that some insect cut them right off just before I came to the states! I had one small geranium left, and I moved it in the house. You know, I just enjoyed my time.  My home students still came for their English and Carlos from the school has joined them.  That's a good thing.

So now I'm praying that I get to leave on the 30th to go back to HN. With all the political violence going on, I'm hoping the Lord will see it clear for me to return.  No, I'm not afraid.  Most of the stuff that takes place in the cities don't normally affect the things that go on where I live, and school starts around the 5th of February.  The only problem would be whether or not the airport would be operating normally.

I've enjoyed my stay here. I've visited family and friends. I met the new pastors at my church and lunched with my former pastor and family.  I spoke to the ladies in Martha Circle, and at my church.  I also went to visit the church in Coffeyville.  It was so good to see the pastor and other friends and to hear a sermon in English!

I don't remember all that I said because it really was the Holy Spirit talking. The Lord knows his people and what he wants them to hear. However,  I do remember saying some things. 
1.  My coincidences have names: They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit because nothing that happens to or for me is what people call coincidences.
2. Age has nothing to do with whatever God wants you to do.  Remember Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Caleb. A preacher once told me that that was the Old Testament.  So is Thou shalt not kill.  There are many things in the O.T. that we still follow today. So is it our age (our age is nothing in God's sight) or is it that we just don't want to do it? Think about it.
3. The Lord doesn't ask us to do anything that we cannot do with his help. "You can do nothing            without me!
4. The Lion of Juda is always with me. In fact Jesus said that he would never leave or forsake us. he is with me wherever I am!
5. Everything that we possess is actually the Lord's. Ps. 24:1

I had to have my computer repaired! It was dirty! What? Well, evidently debris can go down in the little spaces between the keys, etc. And the fellow who fixed it said that I must have spilled some milk on it. Well, no more eating or drinking while on the computer! The click and drag wouldn't work. I was thinking how long I had my old computer and nothing went wrong with it. Huh! Oh well, thank the Lord that I had the money to fix it  because it is my connection to the world in HN.

So for the last couple of days, I have had this feeling called homesick! I have only experienced this feeling since going to HN. I have lived in so many places in my life, and I never had this feeling before.  I don't like the feeling at all! But I've been in C.A. for 9 years and this will be my 8th in HN.  It truly is home.

So evidently the President was sworn in again early this morning with no major disturbances. So hopefully all will quiet down to some degree, and I can go home.

So Barb, you take good care of yourself!

Grace and peace be with you all.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Phil.4:19 But my God shall supply ALL your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I'm so excited today that I don't know what to do with myself! You ask why.  Well, about the middle of October  Mario's wife came and told me that they were selling the property. I had until the end of December to live here. Wow!  They had been talking about this for three or four years.  And here people talk alot, but many times they don't do anything. So until you see it, it's just kind of out there somewhere.  Well, lo and behold, it is here.  And to be honest, I really don't know how to describe the feelings that I had.  But I thought well Lord, if my time here is up I'll go home especially if I can't find another house here in Valle.  So I told my friends and my  pastor, etc.  One day not long after, my pastor called and told me that he had found me a house.  So away we went. And of course, we took the worst streets to get there.  Walking, of course.  Most streets here in Valle are not paved, so we're walking forever it seemed on muddy, gutted streets.  There are no drainage ditches to speak of.  Finally we arrived. Sure enough, it was as he told me.  They weren't done building it.  Brand new.  Three bedrooms, kitchen and dining room, two bathrooms  and  a living room.   And it had a carport.  I went there a week or so later and I was able to talk to the construction worker.  He took me through the house.  The only things that it didn't have were closets and cabinets. Bummer!!! Now what? Oh well, not to worry. The Lord remineded me that  I had lived in houses many years ago in the states that didn't have them either.  As I talked to the builder, I found out that he lives in Macuelizo where I teach and that his son is in my 6th grade class.  The Lord surely does do things that we can't even imagine.  It was so funny, because the next day his son gave me that "knowing" look.  It was so cute because he didn't say a word, but his eyes said it all.  And outside, the house has a pila, storage room, and hook ups for the washer and dryer. 

Pastor made an appointment with the owner so that I could meet him. Pastor went with me.  The owner and his wife came and he explained the whats and wherefores and said the house would be ready the 11th of November.  So today, I went and looked at the house. Of course no one was there, but the driveway gate was in place and the walls in front of the house were painted yellow. There are walls all around the property which is normal here but not all will be painted.  There's also a doorbell on the ouside wall next to the metal entry door onto the property. I like that.  So when I got home, I called him. Sure enough the house is mine.  He explained what was going to be done each day this next week.  I finally had to ask him to please speak slower. Bless his heart, he did.  So I'm sooooo excited.  I have this feeling that I have a house that is finally mine!  Strange, I know.  But it's on the outskirts of town the way this house used to be.  And I like country. It's only about a kilometer from the grocery store that I use.  So exercise I will get once more.  Lord, you are so good!!

So now, I have been in the new house for almost a month. What a blessing it is. I'm amazed at all the Lord has done. The colors of my curtains that go so well with the painted walls, etc.  I had to buy 2 beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and a lot of other, smaller things. But thanks be to the Lord that I had the money for all.  And many things were on sale.  It's quite normal for houses here not to have built-in closets and  cabinets.  Jesslyn was preparing to go back to the states for a year or more, and she loaned me her bookcase and other shelves.  So all is well in that area. And I had to buy dishes and silverware. All those things were provided in the old house. I didn't even have to provide my own sheets in the old house! But of course, I did have my own.

Pastor Dago and his wife Martha came one afternoon last week, and Martha planted me some flowers. She wouldn't let me help!  There is some empty  property across the street where trucks have been dumping construction materials. Well, if you walk back to where there is a very small creek, you will see flowers like dumb  cains growing amongst the trash.  Guess what? Yep, I had Pastor go and help me dig a couple up for my yard! Is it stealing? No. There are no signs anywhere saying private property, etc. If so, I wouldn't have the flowers, and the trucks wouldn't be dumping there. 

When we were drinking coffee, Pastor looked at me and told me that the Lord had made this house for me.  I knew it. The Lord truly does prepare the things that we need long before we need them many times. So many of God's people worry about having the things that they need. If we would just believe what He says, life would be so much more enjoyable.  Jesus  told us that the Father knows what we have need of before we ask. And He is preparing for those needs even before we need them.
I'm so grateful for my heavenly Father, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit that lives within me.  How well they take care of me.

So now, the violence in this country concerning the elections.  I'm thankful that I live here in Valle, because it doesn't usually touch us.  I haven't even seen soldiers here.  We were going to take the 9th graders on their trip last weekend, but we couldn't because many of the highways were closed due to demonstrators.  They even burned the toll booths!  How crazy! But many times, these domonstrations are an excuse to destroy and plunder.  It's kind of like Americans demonstrating against President Trump.  So stupid. It's like little kids throwing tantrums because they didn't get their way.  How sad. So maybe wecan go next weekend, but I doubt it.  We'll be taking them to Tela and Punta Sal. Beautiful places where they haven't been.

Some other sad news.  My dog Brownie died.  Actually, she belonged to the Canaca's, the owners of my previous house. But in her heart and mine, she belonged to me.  Every time that I left the house  even to go to the little store on the corner she would cry.  Sometimes howling! All the neighbors knew when I left my house and when I came home.  And then when I would return, she would start barking and tell me all the news.  When I opened the gate, she would kiss my hands and feet! She would look for me in Becky's car if I wasn't there. It really was pitiful. When I'd go to the states, Wil told me that Brownie would sit at the gate waiting.  She would get depressed.  I had prayed that she would die before I left HN for good.  Sounds horrible, I know. But I couldn't stand the thought of her being abandoned, more or less.  I didn't realize that it would happen when I moved.  Jess called to tell me that she was bleeding from her private parts.  I went immediately to see her.  Evidently, it had started in the night. The vet couldn't come due another case he was on. He told Wil that she probably had a tumor and that it had burst.  She was so weak.  She got up to come to me. I held her face in my hands and we looked each other in the eyes.  I told her she was going to heaven.  She got a small drink before she laid down and never looked up again.  I knew that she was gone.  But the Lord answered my prayer. This dog and I were together for maybe 5 years. And this is from a woman who doesn't like dogs.  Yeah, right. My daughter, Penny, told me one time that you don't pick a dog, they pick you.  I'm a believer.

I'm so thankful for God's goodness to me and for all His blessings. My desire is to see Him face to face and to hear the words, Well done thou good and faithful servant...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mat. 25:21 Well done thou good and faithful servant...

Well Independence Day has come and  gone. The kids marched four times in September.  They were so tired as were the teachers. They marched once on the 15th, twice on the 24th, and once again on the 28th.  Independence Day was the 15th,  Day of the Bible was the 24th, and the receiving or signing of the documents for their independence was on the 28th.  They marched in the morning and again in the afternoon for the Day of the Bible.  When I asked the teachers why they had to march twice on the 24th, I was told that the churches don't agree with each other.  Then what meaning does the Bible actually have? Yeah, I know. So anyway, during the parade on the 28th, I was watching the kids and the teachers. They were all so tired. I prayed the Lord that He would give the kids strength when they performed before the dignataries. He did! So being the Rectora, I'm not always sure where my authority lies.  But I thought we need tomorrow off. I asked the one director and the coordinator if I had the authority to call off school for the morrow.  Sure enough I did. So we had no classes the next day. Thank you Jesus.  And then later I received a message that the Minister of Education made Oct. 2-8 a hoilday. PTL!!! The 5th through the 7th are holidays anyway, so he gave us two additional days.  We are so thankful.

Life in HN is not particularly easy, especially in the rural areas. The roads off the main highways are not good. What would take 15-20 minutes to get somewhere in a car takes 40-45 minutes in a van, especially an old van. The teachers have responsibilities that are done by the school secretaries in the states. Instead of having teacher conference days before the beginning of the school year as is done in the states, here the directors/principals are called that morning or the day before to go in for a meeting. Therefore the kids don't receive their lessons from their teacher. It can be frustrating.

So my message to the church was received well. My pastor asked if I wanted to continue the following week. I said no because it takes a while to get all of this down in Spanish and especially when I don't write out my messages in English. I hit several areas including tithing. And that all of God's blessings have conditions. If we don't meet the conditions, we don't receive the blessings. My pastor came to visit me and told me that the message made him think about some things.  I give the Lord the glory for all of it. And the pastor preached a fantastic message a week ago on tithing. He hit every area concerning tithing and offerings.  So many Christians in the world do not honor the Lord in this area and evidently don't realize that their financial blessings are connected to Mal.3. And neither do they understand the mercy and grace of the Lord. We have to live obediently and by faith. As the apostle Paul said, faith without works is dead. Jesus said if we love him, we will keep his commandments.  Even before the law of Moses, Abraham paid tithes, and we are the children of Abraham. I have heard people say that they're not giving their money to some man. Well, they aren't giving it to a man, they're giving it to God. He is the one that blesses not the preacher. I guess they don't know the account of the children of Israel and the priest Eli. The people hated to bring their offerings because of Eli and his sons, but they did it anyway because they knew it was the Lord's. 

This is election year for a president on the 26th of November. They will use our school for voting. So I'm not sure when the last day of school will be for kids and teachers.  Since Jess and I have to go to Panama the 20th-24th, our last day will be the 19th.  Here you are told one thing on one day and then on the next day, they have changed it. In a way, you're always in limbo. I thank God that he is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow!

It has been a few days since the Las Vegas massacre. How sad. And I've thought how hypocritical our leaders and newscasters are. When a tragedy hits, everybody talks about praying and prayers.  Really?  Especially when it's against the law to have prayer in schools and other public places.  You can't say Merry Christmas in the stores at Christmas time.  God said through one of the prophets that the people honor him with their mouth, but their hearts are far from him.  How true, how sad.  I came to the conclusion  many years that if God doesn't protect me, no one or anything else can.  I know that he is with me every moment and is with me in everything that is happening.  And I know that I'm going to physically die one day.  So the secret is to be ready for that event all the time regardless of how and when it comes.  Are you ready to meet him?  This is the thing that Christians desire, right?  So we need to be ready at all times.  The main thing that I want to hear Jesus say to me is, Well done thou good and faithful sevant.

This has been one of the best vacations ever!  There has been nothing pressing, so it truly has been a refreshing time.  I think that I could get use to this.  Not really.  After anoher week or so, I'd be chomping at the bit wanting to be busy.

Grace and peace to you.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ex.15:26 ...I am the LORD that healeth thee.

I don't know where time goes. It seems that I was just on here! Oh well, it is time for a grand praise report! My son no longer has any cancer in his body. Thank you Jesus for your healing power and the suffering that you bore in order for us to be healed. I praise your holy name. Such great news. Is anything too hard for our God? Absolutely not.

So what else is happening? Well, a tooth broke off last week. And I wasn't to happy about that, but I went in to Tegu to see the dentist that we have at the office. And he told me that he couldn't fix it, but I needed to go to CEAD, where Becky goes to church, and see the dentist there. So Becky and I went. I spent three hours in Karen's, the dentist, chair with my mouth opened. Wow! So I needed a crown, and she removed an old crown also. She filled another tooth, and then took impressions.  So I'll receive my new crowns next Friday. And for all this, my bill was $760. Can't do that in the states. No wonder there are so many people that go to Mexico and other countries to get dental work done.

I started this last week and will finish it today.  I received my new crowns on Friday, and I am so pleased with them. The color is good, and they are so comfortable that I don't even know they are there.  Great work.  

Well it's that time of the year again. Independence Day is September 15, so we are now practicing everyday for the parade. But at least this year, everybody, including the parents, agreed on the time. Instead of taking class time to practice, the kids start at 12:30 and finish at 2:00. On Fridays, they start at 9:30 and finish at 12:00 when they go home. Fridays are usually different anyway, so they aren't losing that much class time.  Reviews for nine week exams are this week, and exams will be next week.  The school year is about over. Hooray!!

I'm preaching next Sunday, so I've been working on the message. Hopefully, my Spanish will be ok. But my pastor speaks some English, so between the two of us, it will be good. After all, the Holy Spirit speaks both, so no need to worry, right?  We are having one service a month on Saturday evening. It's nainly for those that have to work on Sundays. Depending on the amount of people that come, we won't have service Sunday morning.  Well, many were there last night, so no service this morning. It felt so good not to have to go anywhere this morning and to get up at six instead of three-thirty. I could handle more of these!

Our new library hs been a hit with both kids and teachers. Thank you Lord and the team that came from Carlinville, IL in June. Most people in HN don't like to read. But then most don't have access to books, and when they do, the books are very expensive.  So most kids aren't read to when they are small. and many of the parents didn't know how to read.  So hopefully this will inspire a love for reading.  One class missed their time in the library time last week because their behavior was so bad. They were really unhappy. So hopefully they learned a lesson and will be better especially on library day!  The books are in Spanish which is wonderful, and there are a few in English. We also have a few bilingual books.  So here's hoping the Lord will touch each one of them. I keep telling my students that the more they read, the more they know.

My pastor's wife is learning English when she comes to visit on Wednesdays.  Her daughter told me this morning that she practices all the time and loves singing Open the Eyes of My Heart.  This week I'm going to teach her the chorus I Am the God That Healeth Thee and then  In the Garden. She loves to listen to the English hymns even though she doesn't understand all the words. Her father was a pastor and she grew up singing hymns.  So this is great, because I love the old hymns, too.

So now, it's time to quit and get things ready for tomorrow.

Peace,  grace, and love.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rom.14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Wow! It's the middle of July! Where does the time go? Maybe it seems to go so fast when there is a lot going on. This year has been very busy with visitors, teams, and work.

Becky returned the first part of April. Shortly after that, we went to El Progreso with the team from MA. They were here for a week or so.  They were putting in a cement floor and finishing a cement block wall.  They have been involved with this school for about six or seven years. What a great team. It was good to see some old friends again, and to visit with our friends in El Progreso. It was super hot there as always.

Shortly after they left, Jesslyn's family came for a week or so. What a great family. They are so much fun, and they work very hard at our school doing whatever we need them to do. The day that they left, my youngest son and his family came to visit me. Doug came the first year that I was here, but not his family. They were busy going to Amapala and Tegucigalpa while I taught my English classes. They also spent some time visiting my nineth graders. I took a couple of days off, and we went to Punta Sal. They kids swam and snorkled while I enjoyed the beach and visited with the family that takes care of Punta Sal. We also saw a manatee, the first one that our guide had seen there in the three and a half years that he had worked there. It was the first one that I have seen. 

Next came the AG Women's Ministry Group from Carlinville, Il. What a group! Thirty-three women and three men! They did some minstry with our students taking a day for each of the three groups: kindergarten, elementary, and high school. They also provided some health care, not only for our school families, but also the community. What a group. And Gary was the man with the camera. Besides the regular photos, he took a picture of each student, teacher, and class group, and gave each of us a copy. What a blessing for the students and teachers. I gave him the nickname of One More Gary, because after the first picture or two, he would always say one more! He was great. And a really big blessing was a one and only library! With books in Spanish! I put four of our teachers together to come up with rules and consequences for using the library.  They will be sharing these sometime in the next week so we can begin using it. The last week was a vacation for all, so nothing could be done before now. One of the young guys asked that a rule be made that prohibits licking your finger to help turn the pages in the book. What a great rule. Who would have thought of that? Thanks Christian!

So I went to IL during our vacation. It was a desperately needed break for me. Praise the Lord that it truly was a peaceful and blessed time. I refused to think about the school while I was there. I didn't study Spanish or anything elase. I was totally disconnected. I asked the Lord to please let the time move slowly. He answered my prayer. I would look at the clock and think that it must be ten o'clock or later, but PTL, it would only be seven thirty or so. It was wonderful. The only "bad" thing that happened was that my parrot flew away! Penny and I had made him a perch out of branches. He really liked it. He was on the ground picking at stuff in the grass when suddenly he took off! He looked like an airplane taking off. Penny and I couldn't believe. it. He has been outside with his cage opened and never flew away. She has kept him for the last several years since I have been down here.
We have had him for forty years. Parrots live to be eighty to a hundred years old. But one of the pet shop owners told me after I had bought him that he was old when I got him. So who knows how old he was.  Our beautician said that maybe he flew off to die. Whatever the reason, my son-in-law sure worried about him being in the heat, food, and other animals getting him. And my great-granddaughter who will be three next month was out under the trees telling Tombird that she wanted him. So cute.

Yesterday was the meeting with parents. They came te receive their students nine week grades and to discuss several other important things. One being the arrival of their kids on time. When they arrive late they have to return home. If there has been an emergency or  some kind of problem, then they are allowed to stay. But there are some that live close by that choose to arrive late. But since they have been sent home a few times, their behavior has changed somewhat. One parent in particular was basically attacking the grade school principal when she was explaining, again, the situation. He was telling her that we were responsible for the kids arriving on time, etc. I finally stood up and said that it was a school rule, etc. God was always on time and we as a Christian school would be also. I mentioned the fact that one day their kids would have jobs and would have to be respnsible for themselves, etc. I finally said that if they didn't like the rule, there were other schools around. It got very quiet and the subject ended.  The business manager talked to them about their not paying the monthly tuition. The monthly tuition here in this school is very cheap compared to others. If there has been an unavoidable situation in a family, that is always handled in a different and very caring way. But this is not the situation for most.

We are told how humble, quiet, respectful, etc. that Latinos are. Well, I'm sorry, but that is not true here in Honduras. Some are, but not the general population. Nothing is ever their fault, and they have an excuse for everything. One mother told me that the reason that her daughter was late to school was that she had to get up, wash her face, and comb her hair! Really? Doesn't everybody? I get concerned about the condition of their souls. According to my Bible, there is no respect of persons with the Lord. What he requires of one, he requires of all. We are all under the grace of God but we are required to obey him. I don't know of any excuses that he will accept when we stand before him. He doesn't have one rule for Americans and another for Hondurans. Can you tell that I get a little frustrated, but of course, we aren't supposed to say that. Well, at times, Jesus got a little frustrated too, and even angry.  So I' m in good company. But the attitude here concerns me me a lot.

The parents voted to take part in the parade this year, so that means there will be days that some classes won't be given. But this year the whole school will have the same Christian theme. And that will be good.

I hope you are all blessed and growing in the Lord.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gen.1:21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth...and every winged fowl...and God saw that it was good.

Here I am sitting outside the Cesar Mariscos Hotel and Restaurante in Tela, HN enjoying a couple of days with my youngest son and his family who are here in HN on vacation.  I knew that I needed a break, but I never thought that it would  come in this way. God is good and always supplies our needs in ways that we cannot always anticipate. Our heavenly Father is truly above and beyond anything that we can think or do.

So yesterday we went to Punta Sal. It was  my second time to go there. My kids first time.  Punta Sal is a peninsula where no one can live. It is a protected area.  There is a family that takes care of the area and provides food and drink to visitors. It is wonderful to see howler monkeys cavorting in the trees and birds diving for fish.  Pelicans are a sight to behold in their natural habitat. The point is about nine miles from the mainland. The boat ride there and back was great, and we had a great guide that spoke both England and Spanish.

The kids went snorkeling and saw fish and coral.  While we were relaxing on the  beach, I saw something really big under water coming towards the beach. When I asked what it was, my grandson said it was a rock. I told him it  couldn't be because it was moving. Hah! It was a manatee! The guide said it was the first that he had seen one there. Well, everybody got excited and two or three of the Honduran guys went after it. Of course, it just swam away.  So hooray for Grandma!

I don't like to swim, so while they were swimming, I was  walking the beach looking for sea glass. It's pieces of broken glass that have been worn smooth by being in the water for a long time. It's especially difficult to find the green, blue, and amber colored glass.  But on this trip, I found a blue piece and a green piece. Thank you Lord. They are for a missionary in Costa Rica who makes jewelry from them.

So last Wednesday my family visited my classroom and talked with my nineth graders. I have two students that study and really want to learn English. My son used his limited Spanish and did very well. So it was a good experience for all.

Before long we are going to eat breakfast and head back to Valle. I praise the Lord for all that he has done in my life and for my family. What a truly awesome God we serve.

Be blessed.